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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  June 24, 2012 9:00pm-9:40pm CDT

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... the news is next >> a 13 year-old boy awas gunned down when he tried to run from trouble at a south side party. now his family and friends are looking for witnesses to come forward and help crack down his killertrack down his killer >> another weekend in chicago brings more deadly violence... >> a somber group of young men gather at the memorial that marks the spot where their friend died. around 130 sunday morning he was at a party with
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his older sister. a fight broke out... gunfire he erupted... he tried to run but he was hit. taking his last breath on this side walk... he was only 13 years old >> this afternoon community activist when door-to-door handing out fliers. asking for any information to help police find the killer. neighbors are frustrated. there was another shooting on this black just the night before >> there is so much shooting around here >> more than a dozen people were wounded in separate shootings across the city overnight including two boys... 14 and 15 years old playing basketball. violence this weekend also claimed the life of the another 14 year-old boy. was shot and killed friday night >> we just need some justice
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>> police superintendent agrees the violence is unacceptable... but he says the department is making progress. the gun buyback he events on saturday brought in more than the 5500 weapons. so many guns were turned in the police ran out of gift cards >> crime reduction is hard work in. is a process we're making it happen step by step >> and just within the last couple of doors and there was another fatal shooting on the far south side. a 22 year-old man was killed there. in all four people have been killed more than two dozen injured in shootings in chicago since friday >> a bar brawl left three people injured early this morning. police were called to the tally ho bar shortly after 3:00 a.m..
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they found an unidentified 284 year-old chicago man with a stab wound to his neck possibly from a broken bottle. two women also were found injured. both women and the man were treated at an area hospital. police are questioning about a dozen people who were in e bar >> police arrest two men accused of attacking two people during a home invasion this weekend. they are each charged with home invasion and aggravated battery. one of the men is also charged with aggravated domestic battery. the two men are accused of beating a a 20 year-old woman in dig 25 year-old man and early saturday. police say it one of the men is the woman's former boyfriend and the father of her child. both victims were hospitalized >> chicago police are looking for a man who robbed an e d
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eight year-old woman at knifepoint. the woman was in her home friday night when she heard a knock at her door and opens it. a masked man opened his way inside put a knife to the elderly woman's throat and hit her in the face. he got away with a bag of coins. the woman was treated and released from hospital >> gay rights and gay pride took center stage on chicago's north side today for the annual pride parade. >> thousands of parade goers lined the streets of chicago... the 43rd annual pride parade. >> we're very excited. we are here to support >> this is my first time... it is really fun >> rainbow flags... balloons...
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>> politicians were present... they worked the crowd and talked about gay rights >> we are known as a tolerant state. we come together and work together as a community >> this has been a landmark time for gay and lesbian community ... >> young people are far more tolerant than their parents >> extra police officers were on
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hand >> it is generally fun >> this is definitely one of chicago's biggest parades... >> everybody is different and everybody is unique. it is all about celebration >> ever did deserves to have a good time >> spirited costumes... some marching in the others performing. we caught up with a few familiar faces... organizers predicted with the warm weather
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... this would be one of the largest crowds ever... >> as we mentioned a record number of people attended the pride parade. an estimated 850,000 people attended. that is 100,000 more than last year's attendance. officials say there were no unusual incidents reported but this heat and sometimes the partying did have its effect on some. the fire department took in more than 100 calls for assistance. about 35 people had to be transported to hospitals >> thousands of people also line the streets in new york city for the pride parade their. today's parade marked the one-year anniversary of the state's same- sex marriage law. marchers
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followed the lavender lines painted on fifth avenue spectator. is lined the sidewalks while politicians marched in the parade. they are michael bloomberg walked with a lesbian city council member who had recently married. bloomberg said the government should get out of your personal life >> up next... massive celebrations in egypt as the country's new president is announced to. what it means for the country into the world coming up >> plus what is next for jerry sandusky. what his attorneys plan to do now that the former penn state coach has been convicted >> and residents in florida and along the gulf coast make preparations for tropical storm debby >> i will have details in just a few minutes... break
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declared the winner of egypt's presidential election. the first democratic election in egypt's history >> this was the scene in egypt on... they announced the results of the first-ever democratic election... >> this is a celebration for all
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of the egyptians >> he was up against blacks prime minister deserve under the ousted president... mohamed had 52 percent. of the vote they were prepared for potential violence if the other had one.won >> everyone here is celebrating >> it was a historic vote for the country... for the first time in 7000 years... we now have our own president elected by us... >> officials in turkey eight are calling the shooting down of its military jet a hostile act.
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turkish officials located the wreckage of the jet in the mediterranean sea more than 4,000 ft. under water. syria shot down in the jet on friday after it strayed into syrian territory. yesterday secretary of state hillary clinton condemned syria and vowed to cooperate with turkey. turkey is presenting the case to nato on tuesday. syria's says it acted within international guidelines >> tropical storm debby has spawned two tornadoes killing one woman in florida at >> the water is devastating but it is the wind that has been proven deadly. the tornadoes hit the central portion of the state wrecking several homes. the woman was killed and a child is severely injured. in louisiana the governor has declared a state of emergency. the natural weather service says there was a significant change
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in the forecast track and it is now expected to hit the florida panhandle near panama city on thursday. the storm is not expected to gain hurricanes' string >> a fast-growing wildfire in the pike national forest in colorado has forced 11,000 people to leave their homes in colorado springs and nearby communities. so far no buildings have been lost but it burned 2,000 a. in less than a day. another wild fire continues to spread west. the hyde park fire has burned more than 80,000 a. so far it is already the second- largest buyer on record in colorado >> there are indications today that jerry sandusky's lawyers plan to file an appeal after the former penn state football coach was convicted of a 45 child sex abuse counts. the lawyers point to two things... first the fact
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that they tried to quit at the start of jury selection because they said they were not given enough time to prepare... the second questions about the tape provided to jurors by nbc today show. the tape showed a interview of sandusky in which a question was asked twice. it was a mistake. lawyers say it could have lead jurors to believe he was deluding the question >> a wall street hedge fund manager who invested clients' money and the ponzi scheme locate them some $405 million under a civil settlement. the settlement was negotiated by the new york state attorney general's office. he agreed to pay the $405 million over three years to compensate his investors
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the tax on cigarettes jumped by a dollar today. the move comes after state lawmakers raised the state's tax from 98¢ to $1.98 to help pay for the struggling medicaid program. the new hike is expected to bring in about
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$350 million for the state. state and local taxes on a pack of cigarettes isin chicago now totals $4.66. tobacco retailers predict chicago sales will drop about 20% >> the cta is getting ready to upgrade and expand one of its busiest terminals >> the $240 million project will double the size of the 95th street station on the red line. the sun-times reports it will include a glass enclosed terminal a sound barrier to block noise from the expressway and forensicand this space for retail stores and. the project is expected to create 650 construction jobs.
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>> in washington the controversy over the administration's fast and furious weapons program is heating up with congressman sending a letter to president obama. the letter outlines why the house oversight committee chairman les mr. obama use of executive privilege is either too broad or wrong >> there can not to be executive privilege over criminal coverup >> the oversight committee found attorney-general in contempt last week for failing to turn over documents. the federal agents launched fast and furious to track weapons purchased by mexican drug cartels. but more than 1000 guns were lost in the u.s. border patrol was killed by one of them >> your live illinois lottery drawing is next...
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excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle. we have to andweather... >> today's high temperature was 94 in chicago... clouds moved in
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in the afternoon. those clouds will not be bringing much of rainfall. we need the rain. look at these numbers... wednesday and thursday our temperatures will shoot up... we could reach 100 degrees or higher. and notice the darker areas... temperatures tonight... 70's in
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most spots. wind 8-15 mph. tomorrow temperatures will be cooler than today. the rainiest places has been florida... from tropical storm debby... 12 tornadoes associated with that mess. a lot of confusion with
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the track of the storm. tonight here passing clouds... 60's. monday... sun will break out... in the 70's. tuesday mostly sunny... 70's/80's... 7 day forecast... humidity on the increase. >> we are very warm here
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first women's a half marathon ... runners to join together for sister teams ian's mother and daughter teams. in addition to the half marathon fleet feet also held a 5 k race. some of the runners got a little relief from the heat with electric fans. today is the event benefited the american heart association's go red it for women and movement. it is an organization that encourages women to take charge of their heart health... >> disney pixar's a newest
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things off her bucket list... >> this weekend she completed her list of things she wants to do by jumping out of a plane >> she says it sky diving is something she has always wanted to try. and that is exactly what she did this weekend to celebrate her 90th birthday. she says even though she has finished her last it does not mean she will stop looking for adventure >> good landing!
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>> that's the news
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